Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects our belief that the legal system does not exist to create winners and losers. To the contrary, the most important purpose of the American legal system is to protect everyone’s rights, not to take rights from one person and give them to someone else.

Although we strongly advocate for all of our clients, we just as strongly disfavor scorched-earch, win-at-all-costs litigation.

As an example, you will many find so-called “divorce attorneys,” who advertise how tough they are, how they will fight, fight, fight so that you can win, win, win. All this does is turn an unhappy marriage into a devastatingly nasty divorce. The children, if there are any, become pawns in the parents’ high-stakes chess game. This is the wrong way to represent a client in a divorce proceeding, and we won’t do it. What we do – and what all attorneys should do – is fight for fairness and equity, the welfare of the children, and insure that the solution – the divorce – is not worse than a disappointing marriage. This avoids unnecessary pain for all involved, helps prevent the parties’ future life from becoming one round of litigation after another.

We also believe that our clients are not just “cases,” to create another file for the cabinet and another entry in the accounting system. You come to us with your problems and concerns, and you deserve to be treated personally. We aim to be your problem solvers, and a very specialized type of problem solver. We don’t fit your unique concerns into a preconceived notion of the correct answer. To the contrary, every unique concern requires a unique solution.

Finally, we believe that everyone should be treated with compassion and respect – you, other attorneys, judges, and court staff. Life is too short to be any other way.