We represent individuals, families and small businesses in many types of actions brought in Superior Court, including but not limited to: contract disputes, real estate litigation, consumer fraud and employment, business collections, oil tank and other environmental claims, injury claims, and more. Like everything else we do, we provide personalized attention and diligence to all matters.

Civil litigation is¬†supposed to be all about money, compared to criminal matters (all about liberty) and divorce matters (all about feelings). At least that was what an experienced attorney told me when I was out of law school for only a few years. But it’s not true. Especially when families and other small business owners have poured their heart and souls into the business, these lawsuits can be as personally difficult and anxiety-inducing as any other type of lawsuit. The money is important, of course, because most individuals and small businesses are not “deep pockets,” but these lawsuits can certainly feel¬†personal.

Whether you are plaintiffs or defendants, we can help you navigate these waters. From discovery, to settlement discussions or mediation, to pretrial motions, to trial preparation and the trial (the last resort, of course) we never lose sight of your personal interests in addition to your financial interests.