Criminal Defense

We have substantial criminal defense experience. We handle all types of criminal cases, including non-indictable misdemeanors (called “disorderly persons offenses” in New Jersey and prosecuted in municipal courts) and indictable felonies (called “crimes” in New Jersey and prosecuted in Superior Court). Specific types of cases for which we can be retained include but are not limited to: drug possession/sale; theft/larceny, fraud/embezzlement (including “white collar” cases), sex offenses, arson and related cases, assault, harassment and conspiracy. We handle gun possession cases which may be part of a domestic violence incident or may have come from a traffic stop or some other incident. We also handle expungements of criminal records, including convictions and arrest records.

Juvenile Criminal Cases: Juvenile Criminal Cases are handled in Family Court, not Criminal Court, and are always classified as “Juvenile Delinquency” actions. These actions are based on the Code of Criminal Justice, which adds a substantial number of provisions to the underlying offenses defined in other statutes (in the Criminal Code). The discretion granted to the court in juvenile delinquency actions, especially with sentencing and diversionary programs, is much greater than with adult criminal cases. This is why choosing an attorney with specific experience in this body of law is very important.