Coffee Bean Direct – For Great Coffee

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I love supporting local businesses, and I love good coffee. The “About Us” web page of one of my favorite local businesses starts like this: “We’re passionate about coffee.” Me too.

I buy 5-pound bags of roasted, whole-bean coffee from Coffee Bean Direct. I’ve been a customer since 2008. Their large-scale craft roasterie is located in picturesque Frenchtown, New Jersey, and it takes only a day or two for some of the best coffee around to get to your home, and then to your cup. The coffee is also very reasonably priced, especially in the 5-pound bags. If you like organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee, you can buy that too. The company sells many varieties of tea, and lots of gadgets and brewers. If you are into roasting your own coffee beans at home, Coffee Bean Direct will sell you “green” coffee.

By the way, I have no financial interest in the company, nor do I derive any financial or marketing benefit from telling you about it. But life doesn’t always revolve around work, and it definitely doesn’t always revolve around “the law.” If you like good coffee (and brewers and gadgets, and tea), you should try them out.

Slightly off the main topic, supporting local business is good for the business as well as the customers. Zohn & Zohn, LLP is a local business too, and we do our best to provide personalized legal advice and representation, just like other local businesses do their best to provide you with their specific products and services. And local businesses have a stake in the broader community’s success, as well as their own.