Is January Really “Divorce Month”?

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Many attorneys accept it as an article of faith that January is “Divorce Month.” Do an internet search on “January divorce month” and you will find a lot of articles discussing this alleged phenomenon. You will even find one article on which concluded, after analyzing divorce filings, that March is the true divorce month: “…divorces spike in January, continue to rise and peak in late March.”

Your Holiday Season Approach Matters

However, whether the syndrome is real or anecdotal is irrelevant–for you. If you are looking to start divorce proceedings in the new year, what matters is how you approach life and your relationship with others during the holiday season. The holiday season spans roughly from Thanksgiving to New Years. You don’t want to ruin the holiday season for your children, and you shouldn’t want to anger or upset your spouse, even though you are planning a divorce. Perhaps you should make a “deal” with your spouse, and make some ground rules regarding family visits, religious observance, etc. To the greatest extent possible, no arguments, especially in front of children or extended family.

By the way, my holiday season advice is the same if you’re in the midst of an ongoing divorce. And if you are in the midst of an ongoing divorce, you won’t need to put it on hold if you follow this advice.

Here’s another writer’s 6 Helpful Holiday Tips for Divorcing People, brought to you by Divorce Magazine, though the Huffington Post website.

You Can Plan For Divorce During December

Finally, even if you plan to officially file for divorce in the new year, or start the divorce process in another way (mediation?), you can still plan during December. Start collecting financial records, talk to attorneys (hopefully me), read some blogs or books. Taking some action in December, even if the action is not overt, may very well help you through the season with as little stress as possible.