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TechnoLawyer is the best legal technology blog on the internet. Critically-acclaimed and with more than 14,000 current members, it’s certainly one of the most popular.

Alright, I’m biased, because I am a frequent contributor to TechnoLawyer. I have written scores of articles and reviews for TechnoLawyer, which is more of an online community than a simple blog. It’s one-stop shopping for the legal technology enthisuast. TechnoLawyer publishes weekly newsletters and periodic research papers, and is very well-known in the legal technology industry. TechnoLawyer is currently in the running to be the 2015 Best Legal Blog.

Even if you are not an attorney, give TechnoLawyer a try if you are interested in legal technology. You will learn how computers and technology are transforming the legal profession. It won’t cost you anything to subscribe and try out a few newsletters. Just be sure to look for my articles . . .